So, the users of a certain website of mine have been requesting that I add paging to one of my controls. I initially didn’t want to do it, not because I couldn’t do it. But because the control didn’t really call for it. But they are my users, without them the site wouldn’t be there right? So I went ahead with it. Its been a while since I used any paging code, so I was refreshed after reviewing paging webcontrols:


What we have to do for us to paging through our data vs. displaying all of it at once? We simply inject the paging into our data before displaying it. In my case, I am using a repeater:

'get the data
Dim myData As System.Collections.ArrayList
myData = ** myStoredProcedure **
'ensure there is data to work with
If myData .Count > 0 Then
'create a new instance of PagedDataSource
myPagedDataSource = New System.Web.UI.WebControls.PagedDataSource
'set my pagin preferences
myPagedDataSource.DataSource = myData
myPagedDataSource.AllowPaging = True
myPagedDataSource.PageSize = 5
myPagedDataSource.CurrentPageIndex = myCurrentPageIndex
'then finally bind the data to my repeater
myRepeater.DataSource = myPagedDataSource
End If

Quite simple to use. Knowing that the webcontrol is there really is the hard part of it all.

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