eBay: 9% S/H

eBay is taking more nowadays. After selling off a few extra items I noticed that eBay took a fee off of my S/H charges. If you look into their final value fees, you’ll see this:

Here’s a simple example of a final value fee calculation for an auction-style listing:

  • You sell an item for $95.00 with a shipping cost of $5.00.
  • Your final value fee on the item cost is 9% of $95,00, which is $8.55.
  • Your final value fee on the shipping cost is 9% of $5.00, which is $0.45.

It’s the same thing as: item cost + shipping cost * 9%, which equals: total value * 9%. No wonder they aren’t charging an insertion fee any more; they simple raised rates all around. Then add on PayPal fees (~5%), which means eBay nearly takes 15%. Some seller are paying 20%+, WOW!

Just thought I would rant a little to spread the word around to all you unsuspecting eBay sellers…