Codecs Galore

So you some how downloaded a video from somewhere… and you happen to come across a video that you can’t play. Windows Media Player will give you an error then tells you that it has to close. In the end, if you haven’t already done so… you would have to download the codec for that video.

With all the codec packs out there which do you go with? My favorite one for right now (12/10/2007) is the “K-Lite Mega Codec”. It’ll have pretty much everything you’ll need to play almost any video. You can download it here from

Oh, before you install it, you should really uninstall all other codec packs to keep you system clean. And while you are installing it, I suggest that you choose “Profile 5: Lots of Stuff”, in my opinion its the only way to take full advantage of the “mega pack.” Along the way, the installer might tell you it found broken codec registry entries… just click yes as they recommend.