Get Connected with Trillian

For years now, I have been plugged into the net. Through out my college years I have always stayed connected with friends and colleagues using an alternative other than a phone. You guessed it, I used an instant messenger. Up to this day, I have been puzzled to no end as to why people (friends and family mostly) only use one messenger type.

For example they would either use:

Yahoo Messenger,
AIM, or
LIVE (former MSN) Messenger.

Using only one limited their “friends” base because some people will have only AIM, etc. So they either had to convince everyone they knew to sign up with their messenger of choice or not chat with them at all.

Reason for my babbling?… Don’t limit yourselves, use a multiple protocols chat client. Something like Trillian from CERULEAN STUDIOS, its my chat client of choice. Trust me, it’ll do you more good than anything. And its free. Link? Click Here.

Zonealarm Blocking ALL Websites

Yesterday, one of my computers couldn’t access the internet. The weird thing was, I had done nothing to it and all my other computers we still able to access the net. So after half an hour of troubleshooting, I decided to wait things out.

Today, July 9, 2008, I still couldn’t get to any websites with it. So, I did a little more trouble shooting and found that the culprit was my firewall, ZONEALARM. It was blocking all my internet connections.
I search the web for a while using these sets of keywords and found nothing:

zonealarm blocking all websites
zonealarm blocking internet connection
zonealarm block all sites

Until I used these keywords:

zonealarm no internet access

And found a post which helped me temporarily resolve my connection issues, click here.

As explained in the thread: the problem was a mix of a Microsoft Update (KB951748) and Zonealarm. So if you are using Zonealarm Free per my suggestion, temporarily set your Zonealarm internet security to “Medium” until Zonealarm fixes this issue. Oh, and the reason it was only one of my computers experiencing the issue is because it was the only one I set to “Automatically update Microsoft Updates”.