Mind Wide Open by Steven Johnson


This is a magnificent book. I am lucky to have been able to listen to it via audiobook.

There were a few “dry” spots in the book, but for the most part I couldn’t stop listening to it. Dry because the topics mentioned were complex and in depth; nevertheless, Steven Johnson’s superb writing ability was able to make it enjoyable and entertaining.

This is a book about you, me, everyone… with a brain. It explains how we act and why, using modern neuroscience and psychology. He even references and sometimes challenges theories created by the father of Psychoanalytic Psychology, Sigmund Freud.

It’s more evident to me that we are nurtured nature, but that’s a whole different story/debate.

Final Thoughts: It’s a good read/listen. I give it a 4.5/5.

Stop Unwanted Auto Startup(s)

It’s time to bring back an archaic (at least for me) utility. The utility of topic is your “System Configuration Utility.” I recently needed to use it to prevent an annoying “HP Update” program from starting up. You can find it via your run command line.

Start > Run


Type “msconfig”, Press ‘Enter’ OR Click ‘OK’


Choose The “Startup” Tab


If it isn’t self explanatory, in that tab is the list of programs that are set to automatically start after Windows starts up. Simply uncheck the programs that you don’t want to start then press ‘OK’.

*You’ll get a dialog box/message asking if you want to restart or not, that choice is yours.
*You’ll also get a message after your machine starts up again stating that something has been changed.

Give it a try, but don’t over do it. My advice is to only uncheck obvious annoyances.

Thuan Can Cook!

vietnamese-thit-kho seafood-and-vegetable-tempura-with-dip chinese-bbq-pork-with-garlic-sauce

One of the cool things about a blog is we can talk about anything. Even off-topic blogs. Here’s one for example… :)…

It has been a while since I cooked anything, but it was time for me to relearn cooking. How would a person go about doing this? My opinion… a good way is to learn a few basic recipes.

The search for those recipes was on… until I found recipezaar.com. As of now, it’s my favorite recipes site for these reasons:

  • a nice user friendly interface
  • plenty of recipes
  • most of the recipes come with pictures
  • great user ratings / comments
  • a cookbook to add your favorites
  • it’s all free

I have cooked over a dozen meals for the family. some of them weren’t too great, but many of them were simply fantastic dishes. So if you are in need of a few recipes, give them a try.