DESC Container.ItemIndex

Recently had a need to reverse the count for an Repeater for one of my pages.

My google searches: DESC Container.ItemIndex, reverse repeater count, ItemIndex(), etc.

Much of the code I found either didn’t fit into my code or required behind code rework that I wasn’t willing to do until necessary.

My last search: start with last Container.ItemIndex, landed me here:

Again I had to modify the code a little, but this worked for me…

< %# (-1 * (Container.ItemIndex - DirectCast(DirectCast(Container.Parent, Repeater).DataSource, IList).Count)) %>

I hope someone else can use it!

GoDaddy Prices Up!

It’s been a while since I have had to think about renewing my hosting. GoDaddy was the first place I checked for prices. That’s where the deals used to be. That doesn’t seem the case anymore! Having to move hosting companies can be a headache, so before you commit yourself like I did to their introductory low prices… shop around!

There is a plethora of hosts out there (none posted here, I am not a promoter), many with similar packages with cheaper prices.

*Additionally, you will not have to worry about the “when you renew price.” GoDaddy used to have renewal coupons, but it’s been years now since they stopped offering them.