A Briefer History of Time

I vaguely remember when Stephen Hawking’s first version of this book came out, but I do remember reading it. It was an easy read; the concepts were explained in ways that made understanding them a cinch.

Now with, A Briefer History of Time, Mr. Hawking out does himself by making the scientific concepts even easier to understand.

Even with science not being my most knowledgeable subject, the book was profoundly easy to understand and intuitively concise. The reading was so enjoyable that I finished the book in a couple days. I love how the book is structured, chronologically; it is riveting to see our concept of God and the universe changed over time.

Moreover, it’s up to date! It includes an explanation of the widely accepted unified “string theory” and our more modern technical achievements (i.e. satellites, telescopes, etc). It doesn’t stop there; this book has sufficient illustrations that help with conceptualizing and discerning the truth…

Review Thoughts: Rating (5/5). It’s a must read, even if you have read the older version.

Screen Shot Application

For a while now, I have been looking for a better way of taking screen shots. The old fashion way, you know –> [ print screen, open image editor, crop, export ] wasn’t cutting it anymore. With the plethora of software readily available, I knew there had to be one made for my needs. I just didn’t think it’d be a free one that I’d end up with; notably named, “Screen Shot Application“…

There are other similar applications that you download or buy out there, but if you are looking for simplicity and ease of use I suggest giving this one a try. You can find it on the codeproject.com website, click here.

Oh, BTW, thank you Arman Ghazanchyan for the freebie.

Update 1: Don’t forget to download the .CAB file you’ll need it in the same directory of the setup.exe file for the installer to work. Click Here.

Update 2: This took me 2 days of Googling to no end; but I finally figured out that my [control f / ctrl f] was no longer worked due to a conflict with this application. If you run into this problem, go into the program’s settings and change the full screen shot capture hotkey to something else.

Super Talent 4GB Flash Drive

About a week ago I decided that my 256mb flash drive wasn’t cutting it anymore. I got myself a Super Talent 4GB for $18 off of supermediastore.com.

The Drive was as promised and the reviews were fairly accurate. But…

1) the darn thing is too small, it really doesn’t hit you that it is too small and hard to keep track of until after you get it in your hands
2) the shiny outer sleeve fits rather loosely so the plastic gets exposed frequently straight out of the box
3) the plastic casing should actually be metal because its obvious it can be broke if handled wrong or from a serious drop to a hard surface
4) it’s write speed is super, super slow; this is especially true for folders with many small files

I’d have to say my biggest complaint is the write speed on it. It takes me 1-2 hours to write about a 1GB of data onto it. Other than that, I partially alleviated all the minor design problems with a paper clip and some shrink tubing.

Review Thoughts: Rating (3/5), that means don’t buy it. Super Talent offers a more stable looking metal drive… but the speeds are the same… 😡