WordPress = Spam Central

Lately, my blog has been inundated with spam. I have tried blocking a few of the servers that had been leaving me all the spam comments but the number of IPs have also been growing exponentially. If someone has a solution to this incipient problem, please let me know.


WordPress CMS

WordPress as a CMS, its do’able but not so obvious; finding or understanding the information on how to do it can be quite complex.

For example when you search using these keywords: WordPress as CMS…

1) you’ll find premium skins like Remix 2 ($75) that’ll do it for you but to me that going against the whole open source “thingy”
2) you’ll find WordPress how to(s) and discussions on the matter and examples of it being used as a CMS
3) you’ll find how to(s) on how to do it the right way with special coding, lol

Simply put you’ll find everything but…

1) go to your setting page
2) find your “Reading” settings
3) now set your front page to a static page

Now, you will need to make that specific page before you can set it as the frontpage. Please don’t tell me that what I am suggesting is simply a work-around. To me the only difference between WordPress and any CMS is the homepage’s content.

Beg to differ? Comment Away.

Plugin Blues

If no one has found any problems with downloading/installing/using WordPress plugins, let me be the first to say, “I have!” and I hate it of course. The plugins I spent hours if not days carefully selecting were very useful… until I updated my WordPress version. The minute I did that many of the plugins simple stop working or didn’t work right.

After I realized it was because I upgraded my WordPress, I went to the “plugins” section in WordPress and found that over half the plugins needed to be updated. Unfortunately, the majority of them came from different providers. That means I needed to go to each providers site to download and reinstall each of them.

The thought of such a task was just too daunting so I deleted almost all of them and kept the ones I deemed necessary. With that said… there needs to be an easier way to “auto update” our lovely plugins. Hopefully, our superb WordPress programmers will think of something soon.