Free Business Cards

Need business cards for that new small business, but you don’t want to go over board and get thousands of cards? Been there, done that.¬† Personally, for as long as I could remember ever needing business cards I have¬† gotten them free from VistaPrint…

Free Business Cards Plus 14 Day Free Shipping $50+

I have been using them for years now and still do. Yesterday, I referred them to a friend’s dad in need of business cards and thought I’d share the same information with everyone…

All we have to pay for is the shipping, which has gone up a bit but altogether it is a great deal.

Oh, they don’t just offer free business cards. They also offer free magnets, calendars, etc… so look for their “free products” tab.

Screen Shot Application

For a while now, I have been looking for a better way of taking screen shots. The old fashion way, you know –> [ print screen, open image editor, crop, export ] wasn’t cutting it anymore. With the plethora of software readily available, I knew there had to be one made for my needs. I just didn’t think it’d be a free one that I’d end up with; notably named, “Screen Shot Application“…

There are other similar applications that you download or buy out there, but if you are looking for simplicity and ease of use I suggest giving this one a try. You can find it on the website, click here.

Oh, BTW, thank you Arman Ghazanchyan for the freebie.

Update 1: Don’t forget to download the .CAB file you’ll need it in the same directory of the setup.exe file for the installer to work. Click Here.

Update 2: This took me 2 days of Googling to no end; but I finally figured out that my [control f / ctrl f] was no longer worked due to a conflict with this application. If you run into this problem, go into the program’s settings and change the full screen shot capture hotkey to something else.