DNN RADeditor Config’ing

A few weeks back I updated all my DNN sites to 5.4.4. Primarily to take advantage of ASP.net 3.5, but I also needed to come to terms with the fact that skins are now treated as modules. There were many other changes, one that came as a surprise was that FCKeditor was no longer DNN’s default editor. Telerik’s RADeditor was the new big guy in town and works just as well, but better in that it has more tools. The most useful tool that I have already taken advantage of is it’s spell checker. With that said, can there be too many tools? Tools that some of us will never use? YES!!! This is where the RADeditor’s configurability comes in handy. If you are looking to remove some of the tools from the default configuration, then edit this file…


I suggest that you only comment out the tools that you don’t want, you might find them handy later on…

If you look within the DNN/Providers/HtmlEditorProviders/Telerik/ folder you will also find the EditorOverride.css file. Which I found I needed to edit because by default the editor used the same “imaged background” and “centered” properties the site used.

Finally, if you find that you don’t like Telerik’s RADeditor, you can always revert back to the original FCKeditor via the web.config file…

<htmlEditor defaultProvider=”TelerikEditorProvider“>
… change it to:
<htmlEditor defaultProvider=”FckHtmlEditorProvider“>

Happy Coding,

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