The Law of Attraction by Michael Losier


I found this book to be informative, easy to comprehend, and practical. It is short and to the point. The ideologies presented are profoundly interesting. Along with the Law of Attraction, Mr. Losier briefly mentions NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). And how they can be used to change and shape our lives.

Although very interesting, I discovered that I have fortunately been using the Law of Attraction since I could remember ever wanting anything. Let me elaborate, it seems the “Law of Attraction” is a more scientific way of explaining these ways of thinking:

  • Keep your mind on the goal and don’t let anything make you doubt yourself.
  • Have a positive attitude at everything you want, stay confident.
  • The cup is half full, fill it up… it’s not half empty.
  • Surround yourself: with things you value, positives, people that are in tune with your wants.

As previously mentioned, I have always had a positive outlook on everything, therefore the Law of Attraction was not something that was extremely radical or new to me.  It was just a different way of viewing things.

However, I did come to the realization that when I changed the exercises around a little, they were helpful in shaping the ways in which my children think and view life… you know how kids are always questioning if they are doing things correctly… diffidence.

Anyways, for those of you out there that need a little reminder or motivation on how you should think when you have a goal in mind then this is book is a “must read.” But on a general basis, this book is a “should read.” It brings up very interesting topics… some of which are denounced by the scientific community.

I give it 4/5 stars.

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