Opening UIF Files

A friend recently came across an uif file and couldn’t open it. Why? Well, it’s quite simple he is too cheap to go buy a copy of MagicISO. What did he do? That’s simple too, he asked me to open it for him like I was some sort if tech geek. 🙂 Anyways, I told him what I normally do, which is…

  • Go to and download a trial version of it, linky.
  • Extract
  • Uninstall

Downfall… the trial version has a limitation, the file size must be 300mb or less. You guessed it, his file was 800mb. So, another method was needed. I did some Googling and hit a gold mine by the name of UIF to ISO Converter GUI. This simple yet very useful program did the job perfectly. All credits go to Luigi Auriemna for the program and Janis Elsts the GUI. Thank you both.

Yes, this program only converts the file to the ISO format. The only difference is there are a handful of free ISO programs, while MagicISO (you have to buy it) is the only one that handles uif files.

Final Thoughts: In the end I walked away from helping someone in need with a nifty little program. NICE!

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