Bad Godaddy Customer Service Again

The theme seems to be consistent and not changing any time soon: Godaddy has bad customer service. Just today May 5, 2008, I messed up and deleted my one and only hosting account from Godaddy. What? Yeah, I read too fast. 🙁 Anyways, luckily it was an account that had not been fully setup and in it’s developmental stage. It would have been nice to get the all the files (I had some) back but not all.

Forget asking Godaddy for any help, it would’ve cost me $150 for Godaddy to recover the files for me! So, I quickly declined the offer and was asked by the Godaddy Rep, “Is there any else he can help with?” I said yes, “The cancel items button shouldn’t be readily available through your credit-card screen (where I messed up). Because I thought I was canceling renewal of the items.”

But before I could finish, Moses started to point out how stupid I was. Lets just say before I ask to speak to he’s manager, we were literally yelling at each other. I am sorry, but it doesn’t really matter how stupid a customer is, YOU DON’T YELL AT THEM!

This is the type of reason other slightly more expensive hosts still exist. I hate the fact that they are so cheap, I can’t help but use some of their services. Well, I have finally excepted that their customer service is mediocre at best and only use them when necessary. Be careful, be very very careful.

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