osCommerce and OpenSSL

How does one get OpenSSL to work after you have enabled osCommerce’s “PayPal Website Payments Standard” module? That is actually a very hard question to answer even with my IT knowledge. But with a lot of research and the piecing together of two articles, I was able to get everything working…

My primary challenge was I couldn’t figure out, “how to generate the encryption keys on my shared hosting Linux server”… necessary for OpenSSL to work. I eventually learned that the keys are not generated from the servers, you only upload the keys to the server. Just as you would with standard html files.

osCommerce OpenSSL

As you can see the module calls for: 2 keys generated by you, and the only way I was able to generate “both” keys was by following a post by Martin Hughes-Jones, click here.

For the remainder of the field items asked by the module I followed a Lunarpages post, click here.

A few notes:

  • Your file paths will not match mine.
  • The keys should be in a password protected folder, e.g. I put mine in a folder called openssl in my admin folder.
  • Don’t forget to create the “working directory” folder… or you will get an error as I did.

Well, that’s it, your osCommerce “PayPal Website Payments Standard” web payments are now encrypted.

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