GoDaddy Prices Up!

It’s been a while since I have had to think about renewing my hosting. GoDaddy was the first place I checked for prices. That’s where the deals used to be. That doesn’t seem the case anymore! Having to move hosting companies can be a headache, so before you commit yourself like I did to their introductory low prices… shop around!

There is a plethora of hosts out there (none posted here, I am not a promoter), many with similar packages with cheaper prices.

*Additionally, you will not have to worry about the “when you renew price.” GoDaddy used to have renewal coupons, but it’s been years now since they stopped offering them.

Coding Done, Wine Down Time

It took me a little while but its finally done. The coding for my favorite little site is done.

Now I have to just find more time to do many more upgrades.

But for today, a little wine.


Answering a call via the Phone vs the Headset

Dear Samsung (and other phone makers),

I recently bought myself a Samsung Galaxy S6. Let me tell you it’s a very nice phone. I am quite happy with it. But with bluetooth now up to revision #4, I would think one thing would be worked out. Here’s my problem. When using a bluetooth headset, there should be options to allow us to pick up from the phone.

For example, when I pick up a call via the phone and the bluetooth device still connected… the call goes to the headset. Seems right? Yes and no. If the headset was on my ear I would answer it using the buttons on the headset. Unfortunately, having the headset on the ear all the time can be annoying, uncomfortable, and uncool. So, with the headset in the pocket or in the draw, I will often answer the call with the phone. Bam, I am then struggling to find the headset, switch over to the phone, wondering how could I forget.

Please give us the option to allows pick up the call (calls received only) with the phone, until we hit a headset button.

Not everyone will agree with me, but some will. Giving us that option will help us moderate headset users greatly.


Tablets with Physical Home Buttons

Dear  Amazon,

I see that you have released a new Fire Tablet. Again, it’s pretty much the same thing. I have been waiting for Amazon to come out with a Tablet that has a home button for the longest time. Quite frankly, I don’t mind the soft home button because I have always been an “Android” user. Unfortunately my children, parents and +50% of the world are more “simplistic”. They need that “panic go to home button” in plain sight.

Apple has this down, Samsung is catching on, and you with all your consumer-centricness can’t see this? Please just try it!


United States Centralized Return Center

Dear Alibaba,

I recently bought a few things from AliExpress that didn’t come as described. It turns out it would cost me more to ship it back to the seller than the cost of the items. Because of this I buy a lot less, carefully buying things I only need. There goes your sales!

My suggestion to help you help me feed my impulse buying is to open up a return center here in the US. A place to take back all returns for your sellers, then ship back to China ever so often. There will be challenges and obstacles to overcome but PLEASE MAKE IT SO I CAN SHOP UNTIL I DROP!


Javascript, Query, & Dotnetnuke Postback

Free time… many coding projects came to mind. One in particular was highlighting all desired text on a certain page. I found nice JavaScript snippet here:

//<script language=”JavaScript”>
function doHighlight(spanText, searchTerm, highlightStartTag, highlightEndTag) {
// the highlightStartTag and highlightEndTag parameters are optional
if ((!highlightStartTag) || (!highlightEndTag)) {
highlightStartTag = “<font style=’background-color:yellow;’>”;
highlightEndTag = “</font>”;
var newText = “”;
var i = -1;
var lcSearchTerm = searchTerm.toLowerCase();
var lcSpanText = spanText.toLowerCase();
while (spanText.length > 0) {
i = lcSpanText.indexOf(lcSearchTerm, i + 1);
if (i < 0) {
newText += spanText;
spanText = “”;
} else {
// skip anything inside an HTML tag
if (spanText.lastIndexOf(“>”, i) >= spanText.lastIndexOf(“<“, i)) {
// skip anything inside a <script> block
if (lcSpanText.lastIndexOf(“/script>”, i) >= lcSpanText.lastIndexOf(“<script”, i)) {
// skip anything inside a <HyperLink> block
if (lcSpanText.lastIndexOf(“/asp:HyperLink>”, i) >= lcSpanText.lastIndexOf(“<asp:HyperLink”, i)) {
// skip anything inside a <linkbutton> block
if (lcSpanText.lastIndexOf(“/asp:linkbutton>”, i) >= lcSpanText.lastIndexOf(“<asp:linkbutton”, i)) {
// skip anything inside a <Checkbox> block
if (lcSpanText.lastIndexOf(“/asp:Checkbox>”, i) >= lcSpanText.lastIndexOf(“<asp:Checkbox”, i)) {
// skip anything inside a <panel> block
if (lcSpanText.lastIndexOf(“/asp:panel>”, i) >= lcSpanText.lastIndexOf(“<asp:panel”, i)) {
// skip anything inside a <legend> block
if (lcSpanText.lastIndexOf(“legend>”, i) >= lcSpanText.lastIndexOf(“<legend”, i)) {
newText += spanText.substring(0, i) + highlightStartTag + spanText.substr(i, searchTerm.length) + highlightEndTag;
spanText = spanText.substr(i + searchTerm.length);
lcSpanText = spanText.toLowerCase();
i = -1;
return newText;
return false;
function highlightSearchTerms(searchText, treatAsPhrase, warnOnFailure, highlightStartTag, highlightEndTag) {
if (treatAsPhrase) {
searchArray = [searchText];
} else {
searchArray = searchText.split(” “);
if (!document.getElementById(“spanText”) || typeof (document.getElementById(“spanText”).innerHTML) == “undefined”) {
if (warnOnFailure) {
Sorry, for some reason the text of this page is unavailable. Searching will not work.”);
return false;
var spanText = document.getElementById(“spanText”).innerHTML;
for (var i = 0; i < searchArray.length; i++) {
spanText = doHighlight(spanText, searchArray[i], highlightStartTag, highlightEndTag);
document.getElementById(“spanText”).innerHTML = spanText;
return false;
function badphrases(){
highlightSearchTerms(‘die kill’);

The code worked beautifully when I tested it’s search then highlight functions. BUT when I tested it against the rest of the page I realized that my buttons weren’t working anymore. Something was going wrong and after playing with how the script loaded, what to block it from replacing, and where it highlighted I gave up.

Another solution had to be found. Knowing that Dotnetnuke had jQuery integrated into it I tried this jQuery plugin:

Ostensibly, it looked like a winner like the last one. NO!, something was still wrong. Further inspection told me that the JavaScript was messing with DNN’s method of posting back. After some more trial and error I went to the DNN forums:

javascript and postbacks are somewhat at odds with each other under certain circumstances.
This is especially the case if there are any async / partial update panels on the page
– something that is more and more common these days.

That’s what I got, though it didn’t help much. I told me that I shouldn’t give up and after a little more searching I found my code:

<style>.highlight { background-color: yellow; }</style>

<script language=”javascript” type=”text/javascript”>

jQuery.fn.highlight = function(pat) {
function innerHighlight(node, pat) {
var skip = 0;
if (node.nodeType == 3) {
var pos =;
if (pos >= 0) {
var spannode = document.createElement(‘span’);
spannode.className = ‘highlight’;
var middlebit = node.splitText(pos);
var endbit = middlebit.splitText(pat.length);
var middleclone = middlebit.cloneNode(true);
middlebit.parentNode.replaceChild(spannode, middlebit);
skip = 1;
else if (node.nodeType == 1 && node.childNodes && !/(script|style)/i.test(node.tagName)) {
for (var i = 0; i < node.childNodes.length; ++i) {
i += innerHighlight(node.childNodes[i], pat);
return skip;
return this.length && pat && pat.length ? this.each(function() {
innerHighlight(this, pat.toUpperCase());
}) : this;



Thank you Bartaz and Johann for the nice code. Bartaz’s updated code did the trick. I hope this helps someone else working with Dotnetnuke. Happy Coding to all!


What happen to Newegg?

I recently bought a bad drive from them. Sent it back and now very angry because Newegg said there is a scratch on it?!?! I shipped it back to them with care and it was well packaged.

Their lack of customer service reminded me why I stop shopping with them and moved to Amazon. I only forgot because they cleverly sold me a lemon.

Be careful of Newegg, and there “please send it to the manufacture” scam. I doesn’t matter if you bought it and sent it back immediately. It doesn’t matter if the product has a high failure rate. I took the risk because the product (a WD HD) was bundled with a NAS I wanted.

Anyways, my credit card company helped me get my money back. Boo to you Newegg.

Working with Cron Jobs

For a while now, I have been using my shared hosting to backup/store numerous image files. Retrieving those files over the internet has always been a pain. Especially when there are hundreds of files in a given folder. The end goal is to be able to download the archived folder to my computer for easy viewing.

So, I took the time to code something up. Here’s the psuedo code:

  1. zip folder
  2. rename zip to include date stamp
  3. move zip to another destination
  4. delete contents of folder for future backups
  5. give myself a high five

Of course, I Google’d and looked for an easy way out… to see if some has posted the exact code I was looking for. No such luck but here are the links that were handy:

What I learned:

  • Cron Jobs on shared web hosting gives us the ability to run automated shell level scripts.
  • Cron Jobs coding was essentially Unix, nice I can code Unix!

Once I got started, I did run into a few Cron Jobs specifics:

  1. you have to escape the ‘%’ sign with a ‘\’ in a cron job,
  2. bonus: && operator, helped me reduce my script to one line,

Nevertheless, here’s the script that will hopefully help someone else looking to compress and backup a whole directory then delete its contents:

zip /destination/of/directory/with/date/label/$(date +\%Y\%m\%d).zip /directory/to/be/zipped/* && rm /directory/to/be/zipped/cleared/*

Happy Coding!

DSL Extreme Service, Signup Scam

Beware Potential DSL Extreme Customers!

My Comcast bill recently jumped up after our promo year ended. I then decided to give DSL a try. DSL Extreme, was bragging about providing 6MBs. I called to confirm that I could get the service. “Yes, you can. We can provide 6mbs in your area.” With that I signed up with their service AND essentially threw away $240. Don’t trust DSL Extreme or their employees, because what they tell you doesn’t mean anything. The tests they do to confirm the speed you can get don’t mean anything. Please read the following support ticket:

Hello! A new ticket has been created for your issue:

Ticket ID: 5330797
Time Created: 4/30/2013 9:08:43 AM
Issue: Thuan called in to cancel the account due to slow speed, he said he can’t get the speed he signed up for which is 6meg.

Resolution (if completed): Checked the account. Informed that he’s still on a contract, and if he will cancel his account Early Termination Fee or Contract payoff will apply on his account. He said that we are not giving him the 6meg speed. Informed him that the speed on his account is 3000-6000/512-768 and per our terms and condition we’re still good of the 80% of the minimum speed which is 2400meg. He said that he will contact his credit card and will have a dispute on the charge.

Please include the subject line in any replies concerning this issue.

As you can see it’s all in the fine print. According to their terms and conditions, all they are required to get you and hold you to your contract is 80% of the minimum. In my case it was 2.4MB… THAT’S LESS THAN HALF OF WHAT I THOUGHT I WOULD BE GETTING!!!

My contract started on 4/23/2013, and since day 1 I had contacted DSL Extreme and ATT multiple times. The ATT Field Tech came out to work on my line several times and even brought out a line specialist. I am sure he documented this in his notes and it could be confirmed by DSL Extreme. Then on 4/30/13, I gave up and asked to cancel because the speed just wasn’t there.

I tried to use there service for a week, it’s not like I took advantage of them somehow. I even had my own modem, they didn’t send me one.

Apparently, DSL Extreme doesn’t care for CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. The only thing that matters is the money. Well, I am not satisfied and will tell everyone about this. And will tell my other family members currently using use DSL Extreme to cancel. FYI DSL Extreme, I have suggested a few people to use you and they actually are. Good bye to that.

We will continue to pay and use the service along with additional service for principals sake. I just hate wasting money. Well there’s also the fact that I don’t want to deal with debt collectors or take a hit on my credit. BLAH!, I tell you! BLAH!

And like you DSL Extreme, I have a price to remove this post: $500 and the cancellation of my service!

BTW, it can also be assumed that if you live in the Evergreen area… don’t even think about AT&T service! It sucks. Stick with Comcast. The speed is well worth the price they charge.