Signature Images

I have been seeing cool signature images. So I thought I’d try making a few for myself. Here’s my first stab at making them…





Again, this is just my first stab at doing them, I’ll revisit them soon if time permits…

Bad Day

Well, I spent the whole day trying to install the latest version of Dotnetnuke (which is 4.6) on my new hosting company ( Still nothing. Hopefully tommorrow with be a better day.

09/21/07: this episode just got worse. its now going to take 3-5 days. Gggrrr!

09/27/07: its been longer than 5 days now and i still haven’t heard from This isn’t good, its going to be harder for me to help sell their services. Well, this is only in regards to the Microsoft Windows side of their business.

10/04/07: so I am going to be move to a new servr that will be able to handle Dotnetnuke. Other than that, still no word from


Kyrise.COM, is our (Nguyen Family: Able, Mary, Elise, & Kyra) private photo gallery. It took me a while deciding which framework to use:

• 4images,
• Coppermine,
• Gallery, or
• code something of my own.

Gallery was my choice, and it’ll probably will be for future photo galleries as well. Why? Too lazy to code something of my own… if money wasn’t coming out of it, I don’t have the time for that.

4images was ugly (even with a theme over it, the admin section was the same) and hard to setup… I couldn’t get the darn thing to auto thumbnail the uploaded images.

Coppermine was my last choice, and even though they have been around for as long as I could remember. I couldn’t even consider them because the gallery looks too much like phpBB forums.

Save yourself the headache… go with Gallery.

Oh, BTW, if you are family, a relative, or a close friend and want access (& maybe even share some of your photos) to Kyrise.COM… visit the site then register. I’ll approve the registration once I get the email.