YouTube Enabled

With the YouTube craze spreading like a wildfire, last summer (’07) I took some time to enable Noteful.COM with YouTube. Users can now visually depict their thoughts using YouTube videos. The code wasn’t hard and thanks to C.K. Sample’s blog (here), it was even easier…

<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="[INSERT VIDEO URL FROM EMBED CODE PROVIDED HERE]" width="400" height="326"><param name="movie" value="[INSERT VIDEO URL FROM EMBED CODE PROVIDED HERE]" /><param name="FlashVars" value="playerMode=embedded" /></object>

With this code I can also allow users to embed Google Videos as well, this would have to be done soon before I fall behind. More and more video streaming sites are hitting the web that are a must for me. Stage6, for example is on the top of my list. If anyone has any advice on this, please comment. πŸ™‚

Your System Optimized

If you are reading this, it mostly means that your system was worked on by yours truly. For my time and work, I ask that you donate a small contribution to my “tech toys” fund. πŸ™‚

Let me point out that the mentioned fund is and will always be short of proper funding. πŸ™ So, please click on the button below to help me out!


System Recovery

The perfect Microsoft setup? Is there such a thing? Yes, if you plan ahead of time for disaster. What am I talking about? System recovery is today’s topic.

The best way to prepare for a failing system is to separate the “system” and “storage”. Why? With the system and storage separated, we can do anything to the system and at the same time preserve our stored data. I have been SEPARATING the two for a while for all friends and family members that have totally missed up their systems. Does the system have to be totally wiped? No, that’s about the only time users will seek help. The process is pretty simple but very effective:

Separation in Bios – here we make to physical partitions out of one hard-drive

  1. Boot from you favorite OS CD, mostly a Microsoft OS
  2. Wipe out the whole hard-drive
  3. Create 2 or more partitions, the first partition should be C: and at least 10GB (more if you have a bigger HD)
  4. Install the OS on that partition

Separation in OS – here we make use of the second partition

  1. After everything is done, login into OS
  2. Open “My Computer”, right click C: drive, rename it to “System”
  3. Right click to rename the other drive to “Storage”… you may have to format it
  4. Exit everything, right click “My Documents” properties
  5. Click on “Move To”
  6. Browse to your “Storage” drive/partition, make a folder, select it

That’s about it. What we did was first made to partitions, on for the operating system and one for storage. Just in case the OS needs to be fixed. With there being a drive just for the OS, if needed it can be wiped without messing with the personal data.

But for all this to work, the user MUST NOT save any important data on the C: drive. Thanks to Microsoft’s design, personal data is sent is mostly sent to “My Documents”, which we move to the “Storage” partition.

We can go further by cloning our “System” partition, but that’s other article.

Free Website Hosting

Getting a free website is not a hard task. There are many companies offering free starter packages, with an option to “upgrade” at a later time. The upgrades are of course not free, and their end goal.

The free hosting packages offer limited disk space, starting from 5mb to approximately 500mbs. The majority of free hosting packages are ad supported, meaning, a portion of your free website will host their ads.

This is not true for all free web hosting offered, hence, this tutorial. I spent a good full day searching for these free packages, several promising companies simply were asking for too much at registration or their registration system was too confusing.

Below is a list of companies that I have been able to successfully sign up with. For each company listed below I provide the host url and link.

For a visual of these hosts in action click here.

Suggest WP Plugins Please

WordPress, blog software that we can’t live without… thats if you’re not a Blogger. But with all its greatness, having plugins can and have greatly enhanced our blogs. So far, I have installed:

wp-email211 by Lester Chan
wp-pagenavi211 by Lester Chan
wp-polls220 by Lester Chan
wp-postratings111 by Lester Chan
wp-postviews111 by Lester Chan
wp-print211 by Lester Chan
wp-wap210 by Lester Chan
cforms.5.4 by Oliver Seidel

Currently, I am looking for a “social web” plugin that works with my theme. Other than that I would like suggestion for plugins… looking through the directory is nnnnooooo fun, so please suggest away if you know of a “must have” plugin.

Signature Images

I have been seeing cool signature images. So I thought I’d try making a few for myself. Here’s my first stab at making them…




Again, this is just my first stab at doing them, I’ll revisit them soon if time permits…

Bad Day

Well, I spent the whole day trying to install the latest version of Dotnetnuke (which is 4.6) on my new hosting company ( Still nothing. Hopefully tommorrow with be a better day.

09/21/07: this episode just got worse. its now going to take 3-5 days. Gggrrr!

09/27/07: its been longer than 5 days now and i still haven’t heard from This isn’t good, its going to be harder for me to help sell their services. Well, this is only in regards to the Microsoft Windows side of their business.

10/04/07: so I am going to be move to a new servr that will be able to handle Dotnetnuke. Other than that, still no word from

Blog Launch! Yeah!

Its official, I have my own blog now. Didn’t see a need for one until now. That and I had to wait 2 monsterous year for my contract with the old host to end.