Thuan Can Cook!

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One of the cool things about a blog is we can talk about anything. Even off-topic blogs. Here’s one for example… :)…

It has been a while since I cooked anything, but it was time for me to relearn cooking. How would a person go about doing this? My opinion… a good way is to learn a few basic recipes.

The search for those recipes was on… until I found As of now, it’s my favorite recipes site for these reasons:

  • a nice user friendly interface
  • plenty of recipes
  • most of the recipes come with pictures
  • great user ratings / comments
  • a cookbook to add your favorites
  • it’s all free

I have cooked over a dozen meals for the family. some of them weren’t too great, but many of them were simply fantastic dishes. So if you are in need of a few recipes, give them a try.

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  1. You should check out it has some decent recipes and it will allow you to adjust the amount of ingredients to the appropriate serving size. Lets say you find a recipe that serves 2 and you want it to serve 12 you just input the number you need and the website does this for you.

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